How to Apply for a Mortgage | Home Loan Application Tips | First Time Homebuyer Tips

How to Apply for a Mortgage | Home Loan Application Tips

Rich Conlon with Atlantic Coast Mortgage joins real estate agent Matt Leighton to explain reverse mortgages.

RIch Conlon
Atlantic Coast Mortgage
Loan Officer

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1:00 — How does one go about applying for a mortgage?
2:04 — What sorts of things should a consumer be looking for in a mortgage provider?
5:35 — What types of paperwork do I need to get pre-approved?
7:25 — When can you lock the rate?
9:20 — At what point is the loan finalized?

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James Colin Campbell – 8 Tips for First Time Home Buyers!

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First Time Home Buyer

Buying a home for the first time can be daunting. Being prepared means a lot… This episode of James Colin Campbell’s monthly report gives it to you straight!

What do you need to know as you buy your first home? How can you plan ahead to prepare for your forever house? Where do you get started?

Los Angeles based realtor and real estate expert James Colin Campbell wants you to be prepared and gives you some of his insights on what works and what works best.

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5 Tips To Save For A Deposit Purchase Your First Home in 2018

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5 Tips To Save For A Deposit

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Using a Guarantor as a First Home Buyer

Using a Family Guarantor for First Home Buyers

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First home buyers – Different loan structures

When signing up for a home loan, as well as the standard fixed or floating options, there are generally three types of home loan structures you may want to consider, Offset, Revolving Credit and Capped home loans.

In this video we’ll explain each type of loan so you can decide if one of these structures might be right for you.

An Offset home loan gives you the ability to use the balance of your transaction and savings accounts to offset against your Floating home loan – and you only pay interest on the difference.

This could be a great option if you like to focus on saving for things you need, as well as paying off your loan. By reducing the amount of interest you pay, you could repay your loan quicker, saving you even more interest.

With a Revolving Credit home loan your daily transactions and home loan are combined into one account.

This way when your income is paid in, it immediately reduces your home loan balance. This can helps you save on interest charges. It also gives you the freedom to repay lump sums of your loan, or redraw additional funds up to your credit limit.

However with a line of credit readily available, it is important you stick to a budget so you don’t start dipping into your mortgage to pay for everyday items or things you don’t really need, and stay in debt longer.

With a Capped home loan you’ll pay less interest if rates fall. But the great news is that even if interest rates do go up, the interest rate you pay will never go higher than the capped interest rate. You can ‘cap’ your interest rate for one or two years and you can still pay off your loan or increase repayments usually without incurring any additional costs.

Finally, for those of you trying to reduce your interest payments even further, it’s a good idea to structure your home loan so you make your repayments fortnightly rather than monthly.

Why? Because although it is often thought that a month is two fortnights, but there aren’t 24 fortnights in a year – there are actually 26.

So by paying half of a monthly payment on a fortnightly basis you’ll actually end up making two extra payments a year. This simple change could help you to pay off your mortgage that much sooner.

To learn more about home loans and many other money related topics visit our Managing Your Money section on the Westpac website today.

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Home Buying in 12 Steps

How to buy your first house in 12 important steps. This clear, fast-paced video outlines how to get the best house for the lowest price.

This video summarizes the steps to buying your first home. In the future we will be adding videos that provide more details of each step:

Step 1: Credit Report and Credit Score

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Three important legal tips for first home buyers

Australian lawyer Kate Ashmor is on a mission: make the law easy and accessible for real people and everyday life. Kate uses practical tips and plain English to help everyone understand the law.

In this episode, Kate explains shares three handy legal tips for first home buyers.

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