Episode 21

We went from renting a room for 2 months, renting an apartment for 2 years and buying our 1st home in our 2nd year of marriage! Here are just a few tips we learned a long the way. Stay tuned, there will be more in future episodes!

Disclaimer: The following tips are shared from our experience only. Every experience differs. We are not financial, legal or home advisors.

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Renting A House: My First Property (The Most Important Advice)

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Renting A House: My First Property (The Most Important Advice)

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If buying a house is a big decision, finding a house for rent is not in any way smaller. Finding the right apartment to rent is a big decision as it affects your life and lifestyle.

Whether one side of the story says respect to people looking for a home to rent, in this video I’m going to talk about real estate business.

One of the most important things, for example, is to not rent to anyone before checking credit history, references, and background.

In this video, I give some real estate advice for someone who is renting out their first property.

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How to Buy Foreclosure Homes: Beginners Guide

Along with giving you tips on how to buy foreclosure homes, this video explains the foreclosure process, the foreclosure laws and the benefits of buying a foreclosure to first-time homebuyers. Among these tips are pre-qualifying for a loan, hiring inspectors, running a title search and hiring a realtor.

Depending on your state, the foreclosure process is either judicial or non-judicial. Judicial foreclosures require the lender to sue the homeowner before it can foreclose on the house. In states that allow both foreclosures, the foreclosure process followed depends on whether the loan contains a power of sale clause.

The foreclosure process begins when the homeowner defaults on the loan and is issued a notice of default. Homeowners who fail to alleviate their default are issued a notice of sale, and their homes are listed at auction. Homes that do not sell at auction become bank owned as Real Estate Owned (REO) properties.

Auctions are very common and are great deals if homebuyers predetermine their maximum bids beforehand. Short sales help all parties involved by allowing homeowners to pay off their loans to their lenders. REOs allow the homebuyer to buy directly from the lender, and government REOs are usually well maintained.

FIRST TIME HOME BUYER | Tips on Buying a Home That Fits Your Budget | CNBC TV18

Watch the interview of Samir Jasuja Founder and MD of PropEquity to CNBC-TV18’s Manisha Natarajan where he helps you buy the perfect home that you have been looking for

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Vanderbilt Mortgage Provides Credit Tips for Home Buyers | Mortgage Tips For First Time Home Buyers

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A home buyer’s credit rating can play an important role in the buying process. A person’s creditworthiness may affect the amount one can borrow, the interest rates and even the ability to obtain a mortgage loan in the first place.

Vanderbilt Mortgage Provides Credit Tips for Homebuyers

Tips 1: Pay bills on time
Tips 2:Minimize outstanding debt and keep existing debt manageable
Tips 3:Avoid applying for unnecessary credit

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