Top Tips For Home Buyers – Part 1 – Buying Tips For Home Buyers Top Tips For Home Buyers – Part 1 – Tips for Home Buyers and First Home Buyers
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Hi my name is DS from AL & today i will be sharing some great tips for New Home Buyers and First Home Buyers as the first installment in our Access Loans “Top Tips For Home Buyers” educational series….
In addition we will provide you with an opportunity to secure your free copy of our 21 page Home Buyers Guide eBook, which is a “MUST READ” for Home Buyers

Our Access Loans “Top Tips for Home Buyers” educational series will cover the following topics:
1. Buying tips for Home Buyers
2. choosing your new property – location/internal features/external features
3. Pre-Purchase Inspections – Building & Pest inspections
4. Finance Pre-Approval – Why you need it BEFORE you start house hunting
5. How much can you borrow – vs how much you can afford
6. First Home Buyers Grant & other Govt bonuses & concessions
7. Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) – is it a good or bad thing?
8. Which Home Loan is for you? – main types of home loans
9. Interest Rate Rises – Their effect & how to reduce the impact
10. Switching banks for a better deal – refinance and save
11. Preparing the family for the big move
12. Choosing a Solicitor or Conveyancer
13. protecting your purchase
14. Getting ready for your move – Moving house tips
15. Lastly we will be discussing tips on Choosing a Mortgage Broker

As you can see we have plenty of great content coming your way so now let’s get into our first topic of ….
“Buying tips for home buyers” –
First off for a private sale don’t sign any contracts without the approval of your solicitor or conveyancer
It is also a good idea to insert an acceptance date into your offer by which time the offer will lapse if it is not officially accepted by the Vendor, this will show the Agent and Vendor that you are serious and also allows you to “move on” and continue your search for your new home much sooner should your offer not be accepted rather than hanging for days waiting to hear back from the Agent.
if you intend to purchase at Auction then it is a great idea to attend a few Auctions first to get a feel for the process as they can be quite intimidating, even for those of us that have purchased at Auction previously. if you are still uncomfortable with the Auction process contact our office for further options and guidance.

Remember you will need to pay your deposit on Auction day which is usually 10 per cent of the purchase price and it is a good idea to make arrangements prior to the Auction as to how you will make the payment eg Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer

When buying at auction if you wish to undertake a Pre-Purchase Building inspection or Pest Inspection these will need to be done prior to the Auction unless the Vendor has provided one that you are happy with.
If you are not the successful bidder you have lost the cost of your Building and/or Pest inspection and this can be quite costly if you end up paying for inspections on several properties prior to be successful.
Note: one of the advantages of purchasing via a private sale (non Auction) is that you usually have a 3 day cooling off period after purchasing and you can then undertake your Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and/or Pest Inspections during this period and if you are not happy with the reports you should be able to pull out of your Contract of Sale easily.

By the way: the pros and cons of buying at Auction versus Private Sale are covered in our 21 page home buyers guide – see the link below for your copy of this MUST read free eBook

Prior to attending an Auction make sure you obtain a copy of the Auction rules and conditions and read them carefully to ensure you fully understand them, as well as getting your Solicitor or Conveyancer to review the Contract before you attend the Auction

if you require a longer settlement than what is stipulated you need to notify the Real Estate agent prior, it is a good idea to advise the Agent a day or two prior and to remind them just prior to the actual Auction on Auction day.
this will place you in a great position of being able to negotiate a longer settlement after the Auction is over should you be the winning bidder.

That’s it for this video….. make sure you check out the other videos in our Access Loans series of “Top Tips For Home Buyers”

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