Tips and Advice for First Time Home Buyers

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Hi, this is Teisha Powell and if you’re a first time home buyer, then tune in. We are going to talk about the four things you need in order to purchase your first home.

One, you need to consult with a mortgage broker or a banker because you need to get qualified for a mortgage. Once you get qualified for a mortgage, then you’re going to be finding out what you can afford. Let’s say the average home costs 5,000 in your state. Let’s see what the mortgage broker comes back at. Then you’ll be able to be equipped to go on your search.

Number two, hire a local realtor. While Zillow might show you a lot of properties that are available, a local realtor will provide you with the knowledge you need. In most states the realtor is even paid by the seller so it doesn’t cost you much.

Number three, make sure your documentations are in place so that once you purchase that home you could get your documents to your lender in order to speed up the process.

Number four, don’t purchase more than you can afford. In fact, probably purchase a home with the idea that you’re going to bump up yourself in five years to a new home.

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