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Plymouth Relocation

If you are relocating to Plymouth Michigan what can I tell you about the city that would convince you to live there. First let me tell you that Plymouth is actually two communities. The City of Plymouth and the Township of Plymouth. The township will have lower property taxes. The locals just refer to both of them as Plymouth even though they have seperate governments. If you are moving to the west side of Metro Detroit I would say Plymouth should be one of the top cities you should look at. Why?

I would say the biggest reason to live in Plymouth is it’s downtown area. It is one of the biggest small downtown areas in Wayne County. It is not like some of the old downtowns that have boarded up stores and empty streets. The local chamber of commerce and the downtown development authority has taken great effort to ensure that the downtown area is vibrant and draws people to the area. They are constantly putting together activities to bring local residents downtown and having people from all around Metro Detroit come to Plymouth. The downtown area is full of restaurants, coffee shops, small boutique stores. 90% or more of the local businesses are mom and pop shops. Not national chains. They are unique. They provide good unique dining and products that you may not find in the major chain stores. You will find owners that are proud of their businesses and trying to provide a product and service to their customers that they won’t find elsewhere.

There is a central park call Kellog Park where they have music one day a week in the evenings. There is a large fountain that is the focal point of the park. On one side is the old theatre that still shows movies. Restaurants have outdoor seating facing the park. They are great places to people watch. Some of the same restaurants have been around for decades. Whether you want a corned beef sandwich, a burger, or a nice Italian meal you can find it downtown. They have a farmers market too.
It is a historic area with many old buildings and homes. The old daisy BB air rifle factory was here. One of the old victorian homes that one of the owners lived in still stands on the corner of Kellogg Park. There is old town Plymouth that is more of the old railroad area. So many things were shipped from local farms and small factories from Plymouth over the years. Even President Bush made a stop here when he was in office.

Downtown Plymouth is home to many big festivals during the year that draw thousands of people to the area. In the winter they have a Ice Carving festival. In the summer they have a Arts & craft fair that has several hundred artists and booths. In the fall the Plymouth fall festival supports the local schools and organizations with the food booths and rides in the downtown area. They also have a great chili cookoff too. If you are thinking of relocating to Plymouth and want a true old time downtown area that will make you feel like you are living in the early 1900’s then Plymouth is for you. If you would like a Plymouth relocation guide email me at

Homes, Condos, & real estate
Let me give you an overall view of Plymouth MI real estate. Like most desirable communities home values and prices are going to be higher. Homes in Plymouth are going to cost more than in Garden City, or Westland, or Wayne. The will be just a little more costly than Canton or Livonia homes. It is the prestige of the city and the downtown area that drive the price up a little. Around the downtown area you will find some historic homes and early 1900th century homes. You can find many types of condos in the city. From converted apartment complexs, to detached condos, to the newly built Daisy Square condos. There is a wide variety of homes in the city from small bungalows to large newer built colonials. There are many subdivisions of newer built (in the last 15 years) large colonials that range from 2500 square feet to over 4000 square feet. Subdivisions that have walking trails, parks, and beautiful green spaces.

If you are moving to Michigan and considering relocating to Plymouth I would recommend it. It is a city and community that has many benefits that I believe most families would want. I have many friends and family member that lived there or have lived there. They love it. So come look, who knows you may stay.
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