5 Tips For First Time Home Buyers

The Los Angeles real estate market is on fire right now. Here are 5 tips to help you get your offer accepted in this competitive market:

1. Get pre-approved with a lender at Openlistings.com

2. Be flexible when finding your “dream” home. Tradeoffs need to be made to find the best price and get the highest value for your home.

3. Include a personal letter with your offer. Offers with a personal letter are 2x more likely to be accepted!

4. Do your full research on your prospective home. Drive by your new home during the day and at night to ensure you don’t come across any unexpected surprises.

5. Make a strong first offer. Use the Open Listings comps tool to craft a strong offer for the seller.

These are just 5 tips we wanted to share with first-time home buyers for getting your offer accepted in a competitive market.

For any further questions please reach out to us via email at support@openlistings.com

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