The Top 10 Tips For First Time Property Buyers UK – Talk2Solicitors – The home of online legal hep.
This video gives First time buyers the ultimate Top 10 Tips on how to get onto the property ladder and buy your first home in the UK.

It has never been harder for young buyers to buy a property in the UK. With tv shows such as location location location and homes under the hammer, the idea of becoming a homeowner in the UK is becoming much more normal, and much more desirable.

However young first time buyers in the UK also dubbed Generation rent, face a big task in saving for their deposit, getting a mortgage, then also picking the right property to invest in as their first home. This video created by provides the perfect guide and combination for tips to help budding first time buyers make the right choice and buy the right first time home as they climb the ladder.

This video covers topics such as
Freehold Property
Leasehold Property
Capital Growth
Property Market Crash
Buying in the right location
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