Buying a fixer-upper? Advice First Time Home Buyers Mike & Jackie|Chicago| Real Estate Agent Review

Congratulations Mike & Jackie on your new and refurbished home.

In this video, Mike & Jackie will give you helpful advice & tips for when you are buying a new house. Since they got a ” Fixer-Upper” property they will also give you tips on what works best.

Jackie believes that looking for a new house entails having a lot of patience for the whole process. You can be disappointed at times, the houses you are scheduled to view and visit may sometimes fall short of your expectations, thus it is imperative to be patient.

Mike, seconded Jackie and continued by saying, that patience can really be a big help, the process is arduous so an ample amount of patience is very important.

As mentioned they got a ” Fixer-Upper” property. A fixer-upper is a real-estate slang word for a property that will require maintenance work (redecoration, reconstruction or redesign), though it usually can be lived in as it is.

Their advice for people who are also looking into getting a fixer-upper property is just to FIND A REALLY GOOD CONTRACTOR.

You have to dig in and know what your options are, work with a contractor that has had a longstanding achievement of delivering.

Also when it comes to the budget, there are a lot of things that you can control and there are a lot of things that you can’t, like labor and things like that. So you need to make sure to balance that.

Mike & Jackie highly recommend Sonia and her services. They quipped how Sonia, went over & beyond her call of duty. They said she is very accommodating and is readily available to answer all of their questions, via text, a phone call or email in a very prompt manner. It was all good for them, the whole process became smooth & swift.

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