First Time Home Buyer Programs 2017 – Tips And Advice For First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer Programs 2017 – Tips And Advice For First Time Home Buyer

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Looking for a home in Georgia, but don’t know about the programs for first time home buyers in the state?

You have come to the right place. Here are the details of top five 2017 first time home buyer programs in Georgia.

First Time Home Buyers Programs 2016 in Georgia:

The Dream Program:
The Dream Program provides down payment assistance and mortgage loans for eligible first time home buyers.

“Anyone who has not owned a house for three or more years is eligible
to be called first time home buyer.”

It’s a 30-year fixed rate mortgage program for buyers with a household income of k for two persons or k for three or more members of a family.

Besides, there is a limit on sale price, and it cannot exceed 0k. Furthermore, the borrower must make an investment of at least ,000 in the purchase transaction.

Dream Down Payment Assistance Program:
This down payment assistance program for first-time home buyers provides funds up to ,000. However, only buyers who qualify for The Dream Program are eligible for these funds.

The Protectors, Educators And Nurses Programs:
Another down payment assistance program for first-time home buyers. This program is limited to only health care workers, education, fire department, police, and military, etc.

It offers down payment assistance for up to ,500, and the borrowers must meet the eligibility criteria of Georgia Dream Program.

Consumer Home Ownership And Independence Choice For Everyone (CHOICE) Program:
CHOICE is limited to first home buyers with disabilities, or someone looking after a disabled family member. Just like PEN, the loan limit of CHOICE also does not exceed ,500.00.

To qualify for the loan, a medical certificate from an approved medical organization must be provided.

Home Safe Georgia:
Home safe Georgia provides funds for unemployed or underemployed to help buy a home. This program provides mortgage assistance in several forms.
Mortgage Payment Assistance Program provides monthly mortgage payments
Reinstatement Assistance Program provides funds for those who encountered a military or medically fatal hardship in last three years.
The Mortgage Payment Reduction provides funds for the homeowners who suffered a significant slump in income during last three years.

To qualify for this first time homebuyer program, following criteria must be fulfilled.

Borrowing must be a Georgian
He must be the homeowner or spouse of the homeowner

These are some of the top 2017 first time home buyer programs for those living in Georgia. Choose the one that suits you the best, and good luck with your purchase.

10 Tips for First Time Home Buyers – Good Morning Texas

I discuss with Shannon Powell Hart about the top 10 list of things first time home buyers need to do when considering making that large purchase.

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1. Get pre-qualified.
2. Target your territory.
3. Prioritize your preferences.
4. Know your budget.
5. Be realistic.
6. Act fast.
7. Don’t play price games.
8. Pay closing costs.
9. Accept defects.
10. Get educated.

If you already own a home and are in need of other help look into my other videos that help you understand why re-financing you house can be a good move on lowering your terms, rate, or getting some cash back to close out that credit card debt.

The Top 10 Tips For First Time Property Buyers UK – Talk2Solicitors – The home of online legal hep.
This video gives First time buyers the ultimate Top 10 Tips on how to get onto the property ladder and buy your first home in the UK.

It has never been harder for young buyers to buy a property in the UK. With tv shows such as location location location and homes under the hammer, the idea of becoming a homeowner in the UK is becoming much more normal, and much more desirable.

However young first time buyers in the UK also dubbed Generation rent, face a big task in saving for their deposit, getting a mortgage, then also picking the right property to invest in as their first home. This video created by provides the perfect guide and combination for tips to help budding first time buyers make the right choice and buy the right first time home as they climb the ladder.

This video covers topics such as
Freehold Property
Leasehold Property
Capital Growth
Property Market Crash
Buying in the right location
Fixtures and Fittings is an online legal advice service, where you can speak to expert Property Solicitors online and get the advice that you need in making your first property purchase.

If you need to speak to a property Solicitor online to get expert advice on your first purchase, head to right and speak to a Solicitor online.

5 Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Ready to buy a home? Watch this first. In partnership with Beazer Homes, I’ve got 5 tips for you if you’re a first time homebuyer.

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Tips for first home buyers – Scott Pape’s tips – MoneySmart

Please note that first home saver accounts are no longer available.

MoneySmart asked the Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape, for his tips on buying a first home.

Visit MoneySmart at for more first home buyer tips.

Scott covers topics such as:
– Advice for first home buyers.
– Is now a good time or should you wait?
– How much deposit first home buyers have to make.
– The best place to save your deposit.

MoneySmart is a website run by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to help people make smart choices about their personal finances.

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My advice to first home buyers is there’s no rush.
People get Hills Hoist envy and they just want to get in as quickly as they can, and there are all sorts of people who will try to encourage that. So real estate agents will say the most important thing with real-estate is location, location, location; I’ve got a different take on that and mine is that it’s safety, safety, safety.
You want to make sure that you’re prepared because two incomes become one, generally have to feed three. First comes the marriage, then comes the mortgage, then comes the midgets. We call it the triple-Ms.

How much deposit should a first home buyer have?

First home buyers should have a twenty percent deposit. The reason I suggest people have a twenty percent deposit is that way you’re not going to be hit with lender’s mortgage insurance: that insures the bank against you being a deadbeat and not paying. And it can cost you five, ten thousand dollars. That’s a cost for you to insure the bank. It’s madness. It’s a waste of money.
So, if you have a twenty percent deposit, and then secondly, you’ve factored in maybe a 1% increase in interest rates – just so that you know you’ll be safe regardless of what happens – then you’ll be ready for the debt olympics, for the biggest decision of your life.
What’s the best place for your deposit

The best place to save your deposit is with a first-home saver account. I absolutely love these. There is no way – no place I know – that you can get a 17% return on your money, government guaranteed. You don’t even get that with a credit card company in most cases. The sting is that you have to keep it there for four financial years.

If you want to buy a home before that, and you’ve got some substantial savings, I would suggest a high-interest online savings account. At the Barefoot Investor we would call them mojo accounts – because they pay a high rate of interest, they pay no bank fees. And it’s a little bit harder to get to your money, you’ve just got to transfer it over, so it gives you a little bit of discipline as well.

Is now a good time to buy?

Is now a good time to buy? Should people be waiting? Where is the property market going? Nobody knows. My crystal ball is not working. The main thing that I say to people – the only thing that I say to people – is that it’s the right time to buy your home when two things occur. The first one is that you’ve got a twenty percent deposit and you’ve done your sums. And second you’ve found a home that you really love and that you can afford.

It’s the biggest financial decision that you can make and the best one you’ll make, or the worst one, depending on whether you’ve got the savings there. For me, I don’t try and predict the market because you can’t. What I suggest people do is that they focus on what’s happening with themselves.

There’s all these bankers and mortgage brokers and real estate agents trying to encourage you into the sale, but they’re not going to be there in twenty years when you have to pay it off. You’re the one who has to do, so you need to make decisions on your own.

5 Crucial Tips Anyone Buying a House Should Know – Home Buyer Tips

How Buyer Tips by Phillip Baiz and Nikki Nguyen of the Win Win Team at Keller Williams Realty Sacramento 916-234-3236

You’ve made up your mind to purchase a new home. You’re tempted to start looking at online listings to get a feel for the types of houses that are currently available. Before you give into those real estate temptations, there are a few crucial tips you need to bear in mind.

Know your Purchase Power
Before you even start looking at houses know how much your lender will pre-approve you for. Getting your heart set on a listing you can’t afford will taint your entire home buying journey. Keep in mind that there is usually negotiating room on a listing price, but try not to look at homes more than 10% above your pre-approved mortgage amount.

Decide what you are looking for
Write a list of your home search criteria. Decide on your preferred neighborhood, if you want a pool, how many bedrooms you want and how many baths. You may need to compromise on your wish list during your home search, but when meeting with top real estate agent in your area, they will help you establish your wants from your needs.

Negotiate Smart
Once you start negotiations with a home seller, make sure all conversations happen with your real estate agent and the home seller’s agent. Even if you strike up a cordial relationship with the home seller, don’t let any conversations happen without your agent(s) present. Let your agent do the talking to ensure the best deal.

Get Everything in Writing
Never agree to anything without getting it in writing. The smallest omissions can cause big problems later on. From a seller’s willingness to update bathroom faucets to an agreement to include specific furnishings in the real estate sale, every component of an offer to purchase must be in writing.

Have a Home Inspection
Home inspections are critical. A home inspector is there to spot the things you don’t know to look for, like if the chimney is in great shape or whether those little cracks in the foundation are a big deal. He’ll look for signs of water damage and check the insulation in the attic. If there are conditions that will need repair, you may be able to negotiate with the seller to drop the price. In other words, the inspection is worth every penny.

Buying a home whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced pro, can be one of life’s most stressful decisions; however, being prepared and hiring a top real estate agent, ensures that your home buying process will run more smoothly.

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