Charleston Real Estate Agent: 3 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Are you buying your first home? Perhaps you’re a newlywed moving in with your spouse for the first time. No matter your situation, we’ve got three tips to help you make the homebuying process a whole lot smoother. The first is a guideline to determine how much you should spend. For more details on all three tips for buying your first home, watch this short video.

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First Home Buyer Services – Empower Wealth Melbourne

Buying your first home is an exciting time. You can finally realise the dream of owning your place and make it fit your own style! But as much fun as it may be, the process can be quite scary as well. How much do you need to save? When is a good time to buy? How do you negotiate for the property? Since it is your first time, you need to make sure everything is right. Talk to us today and we will help you create a memorable experience.

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Empower Wealth is a multi-award professional property and financial advisory firm. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals offer independent and tailored property investment advice and buyers agent services, along with fully integrated mortgage broking and financial planning services to best meet our clients, needs.

Whether it is buying your first home, finding the right home loan, or planning your wealth strategy for your long-term investment goals, Empower Wealth Advisory can help you.

At Empower Wealth, we are not just a firm that provides property investment advice. We are also passionate about education and creating awareness in the property industry and the financial investment industry. With this in mind, we have produced a vast array of educational content through our newsletters, How to Sessions and special reports and had contributed to various media channels such as ABC News, Australian Property Investor Magazine and more. We strongly believe that knowledge is empowering only if you act on it.


Here are great tips and advice for first time home buyers.

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Buying a fixer-upper? Advice First Time Home Buyers Mike & Jackie|Chicago| Real Estate Agent Review

Congratulations Mike & Jackie on your new and refurbished home.

In this video, Mike & Jackie will give you helpful advice & tips for when you are buying a new house. Since they got a ” Fixer-Upper” property they will also give you tips on what works best.

Jackie believes that looking for a new house entails having a lot of patience for the whole process. You can be disappointed at times, the houses you are scheduled to view and visit may sometimes fall short of your expectations, thus it is imperative to be patient.

Mike, seconded Jackie and continued by saying, that patience can really be a big help, the process is arduous so an ample amount of patience is very important.

As mentioned they got a ” Fixer-Upper” property. A fixer-upper is a real-estate slang word for a property that will require maintenance work (redecoration, reconstruction or redesign), though it usually can be lived in as it is.

Their advice for people who are also looking into getting a fixer-upper property is just to FIND A REALLY GOOD CONTRACTOR.

You have to dig in and know what your options are, work with a contractor that has had a longstanding achievement of delivering.

Also when it comes to the budget, there are a lot of things that you can control and there are a lot of things that you can’t, like labor and things like that. So you need to make sure to balance that.

Mike & Jackie highly recommend Sonia and her services. They quipped how Sonia, went over & beyond her call of duty. They said she is very accommodating and is readily available to answer all of their questions, via text, a phone call or email in a very prompt manner. It was all good for them, the whole process became smooth & swift.

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Ep 33 | Investing with equity, first home buyers tips and more – Property Podcast


It’s Q&A time! In this episode, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley will be addressing some topics on:

– Finance related question from Kat : Would you please explain more about using equity? E.g. I heard from a broker that one needs to refinance the loan on the existing property (PPOR or investment) – does this mean the old property and the new one to be purchased are tied together? Some suggest using Line of Credit to get equity out. To assess the equity available, does one first need to pay for a valuation report on the existing property?

– Leverage question from Naomi : I am considering selling my investment property in order to pay off the mortgage on my family home leaving me debt free and with the ability to then use all the money I currently pay on the family home mortgage for investment purposes with tax deductible debt. Is this a good strategy? Is there a better alternative you would recommend?

– Investing strategy questions from Andy : Investing for demolition and reconstruction vs capital gain. Is it worth buying an older property close to the coast however a little further out from the city to sit on with the view to demolish with a larger land size or to invest in a more expensive smaller property which could be a little closer to the city.

– Buying a Home question from Tom : I’d love to hear a podcast on your advice to first home buyers – whether that be best ways to save for the deposit, traps to avoid, or some type of plan for young home buyers – for example I’ve just start work as a property valuer in Melbourne for the last 5 months, and my girlfriend of a few years finishes studies later this year and we have the hopes of buying our first home together in 18 months or so.

– Investing question from Andrew : Guys, just wondering what your thoughts are on buying an investment property that is potentially going to be tenanted by a relative? A relative has their lease ending in a few months, and i see this as an opportunity to buy an investment with a secured tenant (all through the proper rental channels i.e REIQ rental agreement). I think the opportunity definitely outweighs the risks. What’s your thoughts?

To get access to the resources mentioned in this podcast:

Australians share their first home buying experience

Raymond A Ram takes to the Sydney streets to interview some Australians about what it is like to buy their first home. People share their insights on home loans, interest rates, Government Grants, affordability, what they look and simple tips about the buying process. Results of the 2012 RAMS First Home Buyers’ Pulse Check survey its 2012 are also included.

First Time Home Buyers’ Guide to Purchase Property in Malaysia

Five Financial Must-Haves for First Time Home Buyer (in Malaysia)

1. You need to have adequate down payment
2. Estimate how much you can borrow based on DSR (debt service ratio)
3. Understand how much you can actually afford
4. Estimate the transaction cost
5. Prepare the renovation and furnishing cost.

This video shows you the financial preparation when buying your first property.

VSM Podcast #3 | First Time Home Buyer

In this episode Ryan interviews a first time home buyer to discuss everything to consider when buying your first home. Buying your first home can seem overwhelming so Ryan breaks down the whole process and outlines things to consider before buying a home.

Topics covered in this episode include:
-First step to buying a home
-Figuring out what you can afford
-Determining what type of property to buy
-Financing options
-Real estate agent vs. finding a property yourself
-How to choose the right real estate agent
-Home inspections
-How to know if you’re getting a good deal

The VSM Real Estate Podcast provides practical real estate investing advice. This weekly podcast features interviews with experts in the real estate industry including investors, owners, buyers, sellers, CPAs, attorneys, and more. This show will benefit both novice and experienced real estate investors with practical educational content and interviews.

VSM Real Estate is a Minnesota based full service real estate advisory company. Their services include working with owners and investors, buyers, sellers, and tenants to provide reliable, honest real estate property management. Minnesota is their home, and they’re proud to manage single and multi-family homes, town homes, condos, loft apartments and commercial space all over the Twin Cities.