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The first-time home buyer tax credit was introduced back in 2009 by the Canadian government for first time home buyers.

How do you know if you qualify to claim the first-time home buyer tax credit? You’d think it’s for those who’ve never bought a house before. But you’d be wrong.

Find out what you need about the first-time home buyer tax credit with this video.

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Today Show – What Home Buyers Want? Property Tips from Ben Kingsley

Today Show – What Home Buyers Want?

If you are buying a home this weekend, do you already have a feature in mind? For example, does it need to have a tennis court or perhaps, a property near a park? This time on Today Show, Ben Kingsley joins Jane to discuss the highly sought after features that Australian home buyers look for when hunting for a property. A few property search website recently released the common search words people are searching for in their property search and it differs between states. In New South Wales for example, people are searching for swimming pools first followed by waterfront, granny flat, duplex and views. Find out what other common features other property buyers are looking for and why!

4 Tips for First-Time Buyers | TV Ep.88

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Today I’m going to share four top tips for first-time buyers saving for their first home

Soaring rents, high house prices and the Central Bank’s minimum deposit requirements have meant that it’s particularly difficult for first-time buyers to save up enough money for property purcahse in the current environment.

So here are four top tips to help you best prepare for that big purchase.

One – Set up a regular saver account

The first thing a bank will do when considering you for a mortgage is look at the last 6 months of your financial statements. And they will be impressed if they see consistent and disciplined savings habits, even if it’s just a small amount that you’re putting away.

EBS is currently offering a 3.00% return to regular savers and KBC is offering 3.5% to savers who hold a current account with the bank.

Two – Approach signup incentives with caution

Most of Ireland’s major banks are offering cashback to new mortgage customers at the moment, with as much as €4,000 cash offer for someone taking out a €200,000 mortgage.

These are can be very tempting offers, but it’s essential to consider the repayment rate you’re signing up for and the overall lifetime cost of your loan.

Three – Switch gas and electricity suppliers

Lowering your household bills will of course help you with your saving for a deposit.

Energy bills can be one of the biggest expenses a household faces every year and an incredible 85% of people are still paying more than they have to. There’s up to €360 to be saved by switching today. I don’t know any first-time buyers who wouldn’t like that bit of extra cash to put towards their deposit.

Four – Shop around for mortgage protection insurance

Once you get your first mortgage, you’ll also have to get mortgage protection insurance. Most people buy this directly from their lender out of convenience, but you don’t have to! By shopping around, you could save up to €190 a year if you’re a non-smoker and even more if you’re a smoker!

There you have it, it can be really challenging to save up for your first home in the current environment, but by saving regularly, considering the lifetime cost of your loan and lowering your household bills, you’ll be placing yourself in as strong a position as possible to get your first home.

How to get $15,000 to buy a home in 3 Easy steps!

There is a great program in Florida that will give you ,000 to buy a home if you a first time homebuyer or have not owned a home in the past 3 years. You can use this money to pay for your downpayment and closing costs! Watch now to find out how! And don’t forget to watch our other videos about more down payment assistance programs and how to prepare to get pre-approved for them!

UPDATE: I have received many requests from homebuyers all over the USA asking about similar programs in their state. The short answer is YES, most states have their own down payment assistance grants and programs. To look up class providers in your state simply go to the link below. Click on the link and then select your state. You will then find a list of class providers who can help you get started with getting your home buyers class certificate and educating you on your local programs.

HUD Approved Homebuying Class Providers

Happy Learning and Home buying!

How to Buy a House Step by Step for First Time Home Buyers – Online Course (Tips and Advice)

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Are you a first time home buyer under a time crunch ?
Do you feel completely lost and confused about the home buying process?
Do you constantly consult random website that leaves you even more confused ?
Are you unsure about the options available to finance your house ?
Do you wish if there is a course that can walk you through the full steps in detail?

At the end of this course you should learn how to buy a house through the steps below. I will walk you through the entire process, Step by Step !!

Step 1 – The First Steps of buying a house for first time home buyer.

The right time to buy a house
What is due diligence?
The difference between renting and buying
Requirements to purchase a home
Building up your team
Keeping yourself protected

Step 2 – Finding the Right Agent & Lender

The importance of hiring a real estate agent
The fundamentals of negotiating
Finding the best real estate agents
Selecting the best lenders

Step 3 – Getting a Pre-Approval

An introduction to the different types of home loans
The difference between fixed and adjustable rates
The difference between 15-year loans and 30-year loans
The importance of the pre-approval process
What does a good faith estimate mean?
Availability of programs for first time home-buyers
Availability of grants for first time home-buyers
Availability of loans for first time home-buyers

Step 4 – Looking at Homes

Tips on narrowing your search for the ideal home
What is a fixer-upper?
The difference between foreclosure and short sales
What are probate properties?
Why do you have to preview homes that are for sale?

Step 5 – How Do I Choose the Ideal House?

What are the different types of properties?
The advantages of owning a particular property type
What are housing cooperatives?
The top 5 mistakes home-buyers need to avoid

Step 6 – How to Get the Funds

Submission of loan application
The fundamentals of loan processing
What is loan underwriting?

Step 7 – Making the Offer

Factors to consider when making an offer for a home
The mortgages you qualify for
Long-term goals
Cash at hand
Real estate agents’ advice
The importance of your opinion
What are contingencies?
The strategy on how to make a counteroffer
Signing contracts
The pre-inspection agreement
Making a money deposit
The title company and the title policy
Surveying the properties dimensions
The importance of getting home warranty

Step 8 – Getting Insurance

The importance of having insurance
How far can insurance cover for exterior and interior damages?
How far can insurance cover for damage and loss of personal belongings?
How far can insurance cover for damages caused by you and other family members?
How far can insurance cover while your home is being rebuilt?
What are Premiums?

Step 9 – The Closing Process

The fundamentals of the home-inspection process
Different issues that can be encountered during inspection
How do you re-negotiate?

Step 10 – Finally Settling Into Your New Home!

Getting keys to your new home
Moving in
Regular maintenance checklist
Discussion on mortgage payment
What is the difference between bi-weekly payments and monthly payments?

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First Time Home Buyers Save For a Down Payment | 5 Tips

First Time Home Buyers Save For a Down Payment | 5 Tips
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These are the top 5 tips to help first time home buyers save for a down payment from Michael Hicks, a real estate agent and investor. For any first time home buyer these tips are things you should use in your everyday life that that will help you reach home ownership and get one step closer to saving up for your down payment

#1 Create a separate savings account

#2 Find ways to reduce your monthly bills

#3 Determine how much you need for your down payment

#4 Investigate state and local home buying programs

#5 Celebrate small successes

I go into detail about these top 5 tips to help first time home buyers save for a down payment

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